The exhibition will reveal the trajectory of Miguel Delibes’ life and his literary world: his family circumstances, his hobbies and interests, his friends, his way of working and understanding literature and life, his creative habits… 

Valladolid, 7th of February 2020Due to the celebration of the Centenary of Miguel Delibes in 2020, the National Library of Spain, the Miguel Delibes Foundation and Acción Cultural Espanola (AC/E), the Council of Castile and Leon, the town hall of Valladolid and the deputation of Valladolid want to gather in order to organize the exhibition Delibes, that has the purpose to show various sides of Miguel Delibes, one of the most read, loved, admired and remembered authors of Spanish literature of the 20th century. 

Miguel Delibes (Valladolid, 1920-2010) author of an extensive list of popular literary works, with well-known titles, such as El Camino (The Way), Cinco Horas con Mario (Five Hours with Mario), El Hereje… and a personal trajectory that made him an intellectual reference of his time and an example of honesty and commitment. 

Throughout his career he received several significant national recognitions: Nadal Award, Award of the Critics, National Narrative Award, Prince of Asturias Award, Miguel de Cervantes Award, but also on an international level he got recognized as an honorary doctor at the Saarland University in Germany or was named Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et de Lettres by the French government. 

Advance of the pieces that will be exhibited at the Delibes Exposition: 

The exhibition will count with more than 250 pieces coming from the following institutions: Miguel Delibes Foundation, RAE, El Norte de Castilla, Juan March Foundation or the National Library of Spain. Jesús Marchamalo, journalist and writer, curates the exhibition. 

The most outstanding pieces will be the original manuscripts of the most popular oeuvres of Miguel Delibes, just as personal letters he wrote to other authors, personal objects, photos or portraits. 

Two different sections will divide the exhibition. One section will reveal information about the figure of Miguel Delibes and his personal life. Him as a child, grandfather, hunter, illustrator, teacher… We will get to know more about his public life, but also the rather unknown facet of the author will be shown. The other part of the exposition will also exhibit details about his works, where further information about certain issues and characters of his works will be given. 

Furthermore, writers, journalists and other people active in the cultural spectrum will hold discussion panels and conferences about the importance of Delibes’ literature and will set a special focus on his most known works, like El Camino, Las Ratas, Cinco Horas con Mario, El Hereje… In addition, the original manuscripts are going to be exhibited. 

Another part of the exposition will concentrate on the connection Delibes had with the cinematic world and the theatrical adaptations of some of his oeuvres: Los Santos Inocentes, Las Ratas, La Guerra de Papá, El Disputado Voto del Senor Cayo; and for theatre: La Hoja Roja, La Guerra de Nuestros Antepasados or Cinco Horas con Mario. 

A catalogue will be made, where more details about the exhibition will be offered and special guided visits for children and younger people can be found. 

After celebrating the Centenary’s exposition in the National Library of Madrid, it will travel to Valladolid to the museum La Pasión. The exhibition can be seen from September 2020 until January 2021. 

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